Rebates on Shades in Houston TX

  • By Matthew Clark
  • 26 Apr, 2016

You’ve realized it’s time to upgrade your old window treatments, and luckily just in time for the Hunter Douglas rebate deal on sheers for this spring. With exclusive rebates on their Silhouette®, Luminette®, and Piroutte® sheers, you can easily and affordably give your home a new look.


The Luminette® line of Hunter Douglas sheers are perfect additions for your home’s sliding doors or large windows. Their vertical design covers vast areas making them a great choice for covering long and open spaces. These sheers can still be rotated up to a 180 degree angel for those moments when you desire natural light also. Considering the Luminette® series comes in a variety of colors, you can incorporate these sheers into your home’s décor effortlessly. The sheer fabric used to cover the Luminette® are sold in yards, making it easy for you to create accent pillows or other pieces that coordinate perfectly with your window treatments. If you yearn for a contemporary and organized design for your windows, the Luminette® features the SofTrak™ hardware system that hides the headrail with the same fabric that covers your sheers for an overall unified appearance. You can receive a $100 rebate if you purchase one Luminette® sheer, with an additional $100 for every other unit sold, for a limited time. Contact the professional staff at Window Magic today for more information. 

Silhouette® and Alustra Silhouette®

If you’re searching for a horizontal and more traditional sheer from Hunter Douglas, the Silhouette® series is a great choice. This sheer comes with the Signature S-Vane™ design that allows you to adjust your vanes accordingly to let in sunlight while also getting continual sheer coverage that helps filter the light coming through. For the widest view possible, choose the Hunter Douglas Quartette™ 4” vanes. The Silhouette® is known for providing the ultimate level of privacy while also maintaining protection from harmful UV light. If you’re looking to upgrade your window treatments for a more elegant style, consider The Alustra® Collection of Silhouette® sheers. These window fashions come with premium fabrics and metallic hardware for a sophisticated design. For added protection, the Duolite® serious of the Silhouette® enhances your privacy and protection with an independently operated roller shade.

Pirouette® and Alustra Pirhouette®

The Pirouette® is the most colorful lines of Hunter Douglas sheers available, and if you’re looking to add color to your window fashions, then this sheer is for you. With 44 new colors available for 2016, choosing a hue that suits your needs won’t be difficult. The Pirouette® offers the same superior privacy and light control as the Luminette® and Silhouette® lines and is also backed with the Hunter Douglas lifetime guarantee. For a clear and unobstructed view, choose the Invis-Lift™ design that allows you to see through your sheers without cords or tapes. The Alustra® Collection of the Pirouette® offers rich fabrics and elegant colors for a stylish and modern look for an eye catching window fashion. Purchase 2 of the Pirouette® shades or The Alustra® Collection of Pirouette® shades and you’re eligible to receive a $100 rebate plus an additional $50 rebate for each additional item you purchase for the Hunter Douglas 2016 Celebration of Light Rebate Promotion . The expert staff at Window Magic can help you with rebates on new purchases for your window treatments in Houston TX.

By Window Magic Blinds & Drapery Inc. 23 Jun, 2017

Hunter Douglas window coverings do more than just cover a window. They provide light control and privacy as well as keep out the Houston, Texas heat. Your Hunter Douglas dealer Window Magic Blinds and Drapery Inc also offer a large variety of shades and blinds to help you find the best choice for your home enhancement. There are so many possibilities to keep the heat out. When correctly installed, window shades are one of the simplest and most effective ways to save energy in your home. Hunter Douglas Blinds will not only keep the heat out but will be a beautiful addition to our home.

We offer five different styles of Honeycomb shades. Pleated shades are available in a very wide range of colors to help you make a bold statement or to make certain areas in your home pop. Applause honeycomb shades are made with a triple cell construction, making them very energy efficient. Duette Architella offers the largest selection of fabrics and colors. They are known for their honeycomb within a honeycomb design. Modern roman shades are another fine selection to keep the heat out. We offer roman shades with six different operating systems to choose from. Roman shades are the best type of shade for insulation to keep the heat out.   There are four styles of roller and screen shades available to give your home a more traditional look. If you want your home to have a more natural feel you may want to go with woven wood shades. Any room in your home would look uniquely stylish with beautifully made bamboo and natural wood shades.

There are two main types of blinds we have made available to you. Horizontal blinds run sideways and are ideal for larger narrow widows. Vertical blinds run up and down and are great for sliding glass doors. These shades provide powerful light control and are one of the easiest window treatments to maintain. Both vertical and horizontal blinds are available in a wide selection of colors and style options as well as many different materials. We want to allow you to show your personality with many different style possibilities and be able to choose blinds that best fit your family’s needs.

As well as color and material we also offer the option of motorized window treatments. With motorized window treatments adjusting your hard to reach window coverings is as stress-free as pushing a button from a remote, or even an app on your smartphone. You also have the option to program your window coverings to your own specific needs, or coordinate them with the sunrise and sunset. Motorized window coverings are not as dangerous as standard blinds could be for children and pets because they are cordless.

At Window Magic Blinds and Drapery Inc we are family owned and operated, have three decades of experience and give you a lifetime guarantee. We proudly service the greater Houston area and want to help you beat the heat. Let us help you enhance your home with stunning shades that will keep the Houston, Texas heat out.

By Window Magic Blinds & Drapery Inc. 26 May, 2017

Custom shutters from Window Magic Blinds & Drapery, Inc. in Houston, Texas offer numerous benefits when installed in your home. Here are the top 20:

By Window Magic Blinds & Drapery Inc. 08 Mar, 2017

Whether it’s the classic, sophisticated look of plantation shutters, the luxurious look of roman shades, or a simple custom drapery, window coverings give a soft polish to the interior of a living room. Here are six ideas to give you some inspiration.

By Window Magic Blinds & Drapery Inc. 01 Feb, 2017

Transforming any space can be as easy as installing new window treatments. Interestingly, this can be quite a daunting task with more options than ever before available. The unsung hero of interior design, window treatments, can be bright and cheerful, or dark and mysterious. From fun to formal, almost all window treatments can come in a motorized option. Before you make a selection make sure you consider the following: color, fabric, mounting, size and shape of window. No matter the choice the transformation is sure to make a lasting impression.

By Window Magic Blinds & Drapery Inc. 03 Jan, 2017
As the New Year rapidly approaches, we at Window Magic Blinds and Drapery will be happy to meet with you to discuss the window treatment trends for the New Year of 2017. Whether you just want to freshen things up a bit in one or two rooms, or you’re looking for a complete makeover for the entire house, we can help. We are up on all the latest and hottest trends of the season or year. Is it blinds or drapes? Corded or motorized? What are the seasons’ hottest colors and fabrics? We know! Call for a free in-home shopping appointment or stop by our main showroom location.
By Window Magic Blinds & Drapery Inc. 23 Nov, 2016
Home automation is making life easier in a variety of ways.  Maybe you didn’t think remote control blinds and shades were that important.  Maybe it’s time you took a look at Hunter Douglas’ PowerView® Motorization the new innovative way to operate your blinds and shades to learn why these new motorized blinds and shades are becoming so popular.  With PowerView®Motorization, you open up a whole new way to operate your window treatments.
By Window Magic Blinds & Drapery Inc. 31 Oct, 2016
Adding custom draperies to your Hunter Douglas window fashions can turn an ordinary room into a more sophisticated room.  At Window Magic Blind & Drapery , we specialize in helping you find the perfect look for your room and window treatments that perform just like you want them to. Here are a few benefits of adding custom drapery to your Hunter Douglas window treatments. 
By Matthew Clark 21 Sep, 2016
Plantation shutters may conjure up images of mansions on sprawling Southern farms, but they are actually very versatile and work well with a variety of decorating styles.
By Matthew Clark 01 Sep, 2016

Keeping your window treatments in Houston, Texas looking like new is important, and routine cleaning can help. All of your Hunter Douglas window treatments included cleaning instructions specific to their style and material when they were shipped or installed. It is important that they be cleaned according to these instructions rather than basing it on a general type. Although Silhouette®, Luminette®, and Pirouette® window treatments are all part of the Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings line and are made of similar materials, when it comes to cleaning, they need to be treated differently.

By Matthew Clark 26 Jul, 2016

Choosing your window treatment is one of the most important home décor decisions you will make. The color alone can set the stage for your personal style and create an ambiance that reflects you and your home better than anything else. Here are 5 tips for choosing the color of your window treatments in Houston Texas :

  1. Going Neutral Or Adding Color
  2. Choosing The Right Material For Your Decor
  3. Pattern or Solid
  4. Matching Your Accessories
  5. Creating A Cohesive Look

Going Neutral Or Adding Color

Your choice of color will either cause people to focus on your window treatments or focus elsewhere. When choosing a color for your window treatments, you need to consider what the purpose of the color will be. Do you want to draw attention to your blinds, shades or shutters or do you want them to blend in. If you choose a popular, trendy color, will you enjoy the color a year or two down the road? Sometimes trendy colors represent the times and can become outdated. If you like a more monochromatic look, a neutral color will be a better choice. Choose a color that closely matches your wall color or is slightly darker. If you are decorating with shutters or blinds, you can also match the window frame. This gives your window treatments a built in look that is quite appealing.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Décor

Product choice and material dictates the color options you have. A faux wood shutter for example comes in fewer color choices than a Roman shade. If you are interested in playing with color, a soft window treatment like a shade or sheer is often the best choice. Hardwood blinds and shutters can be softened up a bit with a custom drapery.

Pattern Or Solid

Many of our fabrics are offered in a variety of solid colors and interesting patterns. You can choose an eye-catching pattern to create a focal point or add color to your room. Large prints typically stand out more and can provide that pop of color your looking for. Smaller prints can create not only an interest of color but can also add texture to your room. A rule of thumb when choosing patterns over solids is to consider the rest of your furnishings. If your furniture is patterned or your room appears busy, a solid color window treatment should be used. If your furniture is solid than a pattern will work nicely. Choose a solid window treatment if you’re going to add a custom drapery. Allow the drapery to carry the pattern and be the focal point.

Matching Your Accessories

Choosing a color is often easier than you realize. If you have colors in your room you like, consider matching those colors. If you’re really enjoying a particular color, you can use it on your window treatments and then add touches of the same color in your accessories. Many people, for example, choose bold colored, patterned or stripped pillows in their living room and then choose one of the colors to repeat in their window treatments.

Creating A Cohesive Look

Unless you are aiming for an eclectic style , you will want to create a cohesive look with your window treatments. Your overall room dynamics and style is defined with the window treatments and color you choose. Soft, loud or dynamic window treatments all have an effect on the tone of the room. When it comes to color choice, make sure the color you choose speaks the way you want it to and enhances the overall theme or design of your room.

Choosing The Right Color Window Treatments in Houston Texas

Choosing the right color for your window treatments is a delicate task that requires knowledge of what you like and what works well together. Our design staff at Window Magic Blinds and Drapery can help you create a winning look in your home. With a convenient showroom in Houston Texas as well as mobile showrooms in both the Woodland area and Central Houston, you will find our team can help turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. 
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