Choosing between Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

Choosing between Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

One of the first things to consider when choosing your blinds is whether you want horizontal or vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds run sideways while vertical blinds run up and down. In deciding which is right for you, consider whether you prefer to have a view while the blinds are closed or if you will use them in an either all-the-way open or all-the-way closed position. Both vertical and horizontal blinds come in a wide variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum and fabric. Both also come in a wide array of color and style options. The differences come in decorative and functional advantages that include view and access to light.

One of the biggest advantages to vertical blinds is ease of access. When you are covering a sliding door, vertical blinds are really the only option as they are made to slide sideways. Perfect for long windows and places where you want to see out and still maintain privacy, vertical blinds now come in many options that no longer limit you to the traditional vertical blind. These include fabric panels and sliding vertiglides. Vertical Blinds typically come with a 3 ½ “ slat which allows more light filtering and privacy when closed, and a larger more expansive view with more light when opened. Newer styles offer even larger panels which give more decorative options. The Luminette offers upgraded style to the vertical blind with stylish fabric slats covered by a sheer fabric that allows privacy while still offering a complete view when opened. Luminette’s are the fashion leader in vertical blinds.

Horizontal blinds are perfect for tall, narrow windows or smaller windows. Horizontal blinds are the most popular choice and have the most options available. Once again, the first decision to make is whether you want to tilt your blinds to see out, or have them open or close only. For honeycomb blinds you have the option of stopping the blind at any height as you open and can even choose a top down bottom up option to open the blind from the top. Other blinds such as aluminum blinds or wood blinds allow you to tilt the slats so you can see out while controlling the amount of privacy and sunlight you have in your room. In this type of horizontal blind you can choose your slat width with 2” slats being most common. Smaller slats emit less light when opened but provide more privacy when partially closed. Silhouettes (the horizontal companion to Luminettes) offer a sheer fabric that you look through when the blinds are tilted open and then fabric slats close for more privacy and light filtration. There are many options for room darkening and other privacy features as well as a huge array of fabric and material and color choices in all types of vertical and horizontal blinds.

When making a final decision on what blind is perfect for your home, consult a blinds professional. In Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas call Window Magic Blinds & Drapery.Our design professionals can take the guesswork out of which blind will be right for you. Customer service is our highest priority and we look forward to working with you.
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