Cleaning your Plantation Shutters

Cleaning your Plantation Shutters

Everyone loves the clean, fresh, feel of something new. Keeping your plantation shutters looking like new after they are first installed, is not difficult, but will require some regular cleaning. The important thing to consider when cleaning your shutters is the material with which they are made.

Solid Wood Shutters
Cleaning your solid wood shutters will mean steering clear of harsh cleaners and making sure not to use a lot of water. The best way to clean traditional wood shutters is by dusting with a soft cloth, vacuuming and using a soft brush if necessary.

It helps to start by using the brush attachment on your vacuum to clear the dust and minor debris that will collect on your shutters. If you are very active with your shutters, opening and closing them often, less dust will gather. Vacuuming is an easy way to clean your shutters regularly that won’t take a lot of time. If you prefer hand dusting, a swifter cloth is an easy way to quick clean your shutters.

On days you wish to clean a little deeper, use a soft cloth to get in between the louvers to places the vacuum may have missed. You can also check for anything that may have been spilled or splashed onto your shutters and remove these spot areas with a damp cloth. Make sure to keep water to a minimum, and dry the shutter off when you are finished spot cleaning. Although today’s shutters are coated and protected from warping and cracking, extreme amounts of water can still damage your shutters. For any spots that were not able to be removed with a cloth, use a soft brush to loosen the soil and then wipe it off with a cloth. Be careful not to scratch the surface by scraping at harder debris. Soften it first with water and then use gentle methods to remove anything that has been spilled and hardened on your shutters.

Polywood Shutters
Shutters made from synthetic materials like the Polywood Shutters can be cleaned using harsher cleaners and more water if needed. It is best to start with vacuuming and dry dusting, but if there is added debris that must be removed, the synthetic materials are more durable to cleaners and water. For regular everyday maintenance, start with the brush attachment on your vacuum or a soft cloth if you would rather hand dust them. Swifter type clothes are perfect for day to day dusting. When you wish to do a deeper cleaning, you may use a wet cloth and cleaner as needed. As above, if there is dried debris on your shutter from something spilled or splattered, it is best to soften it with water and gently use a soft brush to loosen the debris. It is important to be gentle so you do not scratch the surface of your shutters.

Maintaining your shutters by gentle regular cleanings will help keep them looking fresh and new for years to come. In Houston Texas and the surrounding areas, you can call Window Magic Blinds & Drapery, Inc. for all your shutter needs. Let our professionals help you choose the best shutters for you, shutters that will increase the value of your home and offer you years of delight.

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