Energy Efficient Commercial Window Treatments

Energy Efficient Commercial Window Treatments

Energy efficient commercial window treatments can save money for businesses by insulating the windows in order to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are a variety of energy efficient window treatments that can be applied to the interior or exterior of your business, such as: 

Interior Window Treatments
Some interior window treatment options include:
  • Interior Window Treatments – There is a wide variety of energy efficient interior commercial window treatments that can benefit your business. Some of the most popular types are cellular shades, which have a layered design to trap air in individual cells. These shades combine a large amount of privacy with energy efficiency. Plantation shutters are also energy efficient interior window treatments that provide insulation through their shutter design and fitted construction. Finally, drapes with lining or interlining can also be energy efficient by preventing light from passing through in the summer.
  • Interior Storm Panels – Consisting of a flexible polyethelyene or rigid plastic, interior storm panels help increase the energy efficiency of the windows by blocking any extra air flow around the window frame. The flexible storm panels are easily installed using snap-in retainer seals or double-sided tape. Rigid plastic storm panels are installed using Velcro, magnetic strips, or snap-in seals. Regardless of the material type, none of the interior storm panels have to be custom fit to the window; therefore, they are usually cheaper than exterior storm panels. For the best energy efficiency results, install interior storm windows before summer and remove them before winter.
  • High-Reflectivity Films – In the summer, high-reflectivity films block summer heat by using mirror-like films to reflect sunlight. These energy efficient window treatments work best on East or West facing window because of the increased potential for heat gain. One major disadvantage is that some high-reflective films impair outside visibility and reduce natural light transmittance into the room. 

Exterior Window Treatments
Some exterior window treatment options include:
  • Exterior Window Treatments – Although there are fewer energy efficient exterior window treatment options, there are still some available from which to choose. A popular choice is exterior roller blinds made from wood, steel, aluminum or vinyl. Mounted above the window, these exterior energy efficient window treatments are manually raised or lowered to increase or decrease the amount of sunlight streaming into the room.  
  • Exterior Storm Panels – Exterior storm panels can either be a single panel or a combination of panels. Composed of glass or plastic, single storm panels are installed before fall and removed before spring. Consisting of multiple windowpanes and a screen, a combination storm panel is installed all year long. The biggest downside is that all exterior storm panels must be custom-fit into the specific window, which can increase the price. 
  • Awnings – Awnings can significantly reduce the summer heat gain on South or West facing windows. Generally, awnings are constructed from metal, canvas, or synthetic fabrics. Awnings can be either extended to permanently cover the window or they can be retractable to cover the window when needed. 

Regardless of whether you want interior or exterior window treatments, Window Magic can help you! Our team of design experts will work with you during a design consultation to determine the best energy efficient commercial window treatments in Houston, Texas to fit the needs of your business. Call us today to set up an appointment for your new Houston commercial window treatments! 

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