How to Transform Your Home With Shades

How to Transform Your Home With Shades

Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shades in Houston Texas are a very cost efficient yet stylish way to decorate your windows. They are the perfect combination of form and function with their vast coverage and versatile use. When choosing the correct shade for your home, there are many options to consider. With the help of the experts at Window Magic Blinds and Drapery, Inc in Houston Texas choosing the best shade for your home is simple. 


As a classic and traditional window covering, shades come in various shapes and sizes to fit almost any need, making them an adaptable option depending on what you desire. This is a huge benefit for shades, because they can be a simple solution for your window treatments or as elaborate as you choose to make them. You can choose a beautiful Honeycomb shade for the best in energy efficiency or a Roman Shade for a textured look. Pleat and fold sizes allow you to take advantage of different style options that will look the best in your décor. Roller shades offer a contemporary look with minimalistic flair. Modern sheers are also available in either horizontal or vertical orientation allowing you to mix and match window treatments for an elegant look on all your windows.


One of the most beneficial aspects of shades is the option of colors to choose from and the various ways in which they can play into an overall window treatment design. First, be sure to find a shade that matches your homes current décor. Shades look amazing all by themselves or you can add a custom drapery for a layered look. Shades can be used as a focal point in bold colors and billowing styles or you can choose a neutral color and allow your shades to blend with the walls. Mixing and matching colored shades with drapes is also a possibility and can help optimize the tones of both. If you’re searching for a classic and elegant appearance, a modern sheer like our Luminette® or Silhouette® are a perfect choice for that distinguished look. To achieve your custom window treatments in Houston Texas, contact the professionals at Window Magic for their expert advice today.


Shades are an ideal choice for those who are seeking both privacy for their home and an easy yet adjustable option for light control. For days or times when you seek the utmost privacy, shades can be fully lowered or sheers can be rotated until they are completely closed. For other times when you want natural sunlight in your home and privacy isn’t a concern, shades can simply be adjusted to allow light inside and provide some exterior view of the outdoors. If you want an unobstructed window, shades can be lifted completely for a clear view and a vast amount of light. You can also choose the Top-down/bottom-up operating system for a unique look and more control of light and privacy. Modern Sheers on the other hand, rotate to adjust on different angles; they offer varying degrees of light depending on your mood, making them a perfect choice for window treatments. By motorizing your shades with PowerView™ Motorization in Houston, you can add a modern touch of ease to your windows as well. With several Hunter Douglas operating options to choose from, you can pair your specific set of shades with the correct system effortlessly. For more on custom shades in Houston Texas, consult the specialists at Window Magic Blinds and Drapery Inc.

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