Types of Interior Shades

Types of Interior Shades

Deciding what window treatments work best for your home can be a difficult decision because there are so many options available. Each type of interior shade offers different benefits, styles, fabrics, and textures. In order to pick the best interior shades for your home in Houston, Texas, it is important to determine what features and styles you need in your window shades. For Houston window treatments, Window Magic sells a wide variety of Hunter Douglas interior shades to suit your needs and to match your home’s décor. Some varieties of indoor shades offered include the following: 
  • Sheers & ShadingsSheers and shadings diffuse natural sunlight through them to create beautiful, soft light within your home. These shades are also equipped with vanes that can be rotated to increase or decrease sunlight and privacy. The sheers and shadings provide one of a kind UV protection for your furniture and floors, so you never have to worry about fading colors.
  • Honeycomb ShadesHoneycomb shades are the most energy efficient indoor shades available on the market. Equipped with layers of honeycomb cells, these shades trap air to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Honeycomb shades are versatile with a variety of textures, colors, and light controlling fabrics available, ranging from sheer to opaque. They are also available with a cordless option for increased safety or with a top down feature for added privacy. 
  • Roman ShadesRoman shades create an elegant, modern feel with soft, sculpted folds of fabric. There are a wide variety of fabric selections available that allow different amounts of light into the room. Roman shades can be either relaxed with no rigid supports so the fabric falls on its own weight or constructed with supports sewn in to support stiff fabrics. Roman shades can be operated with different types of controls, such as an integrated electric motor, a continuous loop system, or a cord and cleat system. Each operation system has different advantages and disadvantages, so you should pick the one that works best for your home. Roman shades can also have an additional lining sewn onto the back to hide sheets or create an additional layer of light filtering. 
  • Rollers & ScreensRollers and screen shades are simple window treatments that produce a clean, contemporary look in the room. These low cost shades are a low profile window treatment that creates a subtle look that is still effective at filtering light. Rollers and screens are very versatile with a variety of different fabrics and pattern available. The different fabrics provide a variety of levels of privacy and light filtering. They are also extremely low maintenance, requiring virtually no cleaning or dusting and very little repairs because the moving parts are protected in the rail. 
  • Woven Shades & Wood BlindsWoven shades and wood blinds are a contemporary window treatment option. The different styles and designs in combination with the unique fibers and textures create a modern, distinctive look. These shades allow light to diffuse into the room, while still maintaining privacy for your home. 

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