Faux Iron

Faux Iron

Faux Iron is a great way to add affordable and dramatic décor to your home or business. Let Window Magic Blinds & Drapery, Inc. of Houston, Texas, show you the benefits of Tableaux faux iron. 

 What is Tableaux Faux Iron

Tableaux faux iron provides your home with the look and feel of wrought iron pieces without the cost, weight, or installation difficulty of traditional wrought iron. There are three different types of Tableaux, Tableaux® Faux Iron, Tableaux® Veneer, and Tableaux® Elements. Each of these faux iron options create beautiful, contemporary designs that are customizable and versatile enough for every home. Available in a wide range of finishes, colors, and styles, and crafted with long lasting, sustainable materials, these pieces can be used safely and stylishly indoors or outdoors. 


Faux iron is incredibly easy to have installed or to install yourself in your home. Because of the light weight of these pieces, the grilles are easy to maneuver, place, and secure to your walls, windows, or ceilings. Faux iron grilles can be attached to metal, wood, tile, drywall, and sheetrock without any concerns. Grilles are pre-drilled for installation and come with all the necessary hardware for attaching them to whichever surface you choose. If you need additional installation help, the quick installation instructions will make this task easy enough for even DIY beginners. 

 Care and Cleaning

Faux iron pieces are simple to clean but require delicate products. Usually, vacuuming dust particles and dirt from the surface and rinsing the piece with water is the best options for cleaning your faux iron. If you need something stronger to clean, make sure you are careful with your choices. Because of the materials used in faux iron, certain cleaning mechanisms and products can damage the surface of the grille or veneer. To keep your faux iron looking beautiful, avoid using glass cleaners, or any product that contains a strong solvent. In addition, high pressure water can also damage the product. To ensure that the cleaner you are using is a good choice, test it on an area that is hidden before using it on the entire piece. To avoid any damage that may not show up immediately, after you clean the faux iron with cleaning substances, wash down the piece with water to remove any leftover residue. 

If you have more questions about Tableaux faux iron, contact Window Magic Blinds & Drapery, Inc. in Houston, Texas today! Let our team of experienced professionals help you decide the best faux iron style and piece for you, and help you create truly captivating décor piece in your home. New Paragraph

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